Eton Man - Day of Endurance

Eton College Rowing Centre, Dorney Lake, Windsor, SL4 6QP

The day is full of races for triathletes, runners and swimmers.

The Half Iron Triathlon is a brand new race for Eton Dorney. The new bike course is horseshoe shaped and consists of ten 9km laps on closed roads. The course is pan flat so fast time can be expected. The 4 lap run course is a simple out-and-back that runs to the left side of the lake.

The Sprint Triathlon is mostly on a similar course to the Half Iron distance.

The day also features a choice of swim only and run only races.

Organised by:
Sun, 22nd September 2013
How to enter:

For the Eton Man Half Iron visit

For the sprint triahtlon visit

For the 10km run visit

For the half marathon visit

For the swimming races visit

Senior Races

Eton Man Long Swim - 3.8km

Swim 3800 metres

Eton Man Long Swim - 5km

Swim 5000 metres

Eton Man Long Swim - 10km

Swim 10000 metres

Eton Man Run - 10km

Run 10000 metres

Eton Man Half Marathon

Run 21100 metres

Eton Man Sprint Triathlon

Swim 750 metres Cycle 20000 metres Run 5000 metres

Eton Man Half Iron Triathlon

Swim 1900 metres Cycle 90000 metres Run 21100 metres